These are our core products. We have other specialized equipment as well as made to order items for special events.  If you don't see what you're looking for here, ask us.  We can find just what you need.

chuppah (2).jpg

Market and Cantina Lighting

Accent lighting will take your event from spectacular to WOW!

Every event is enhanced with Market Lights, Cantina Lights, and Canopy Lights.  Outdoor lighting inside a ballroom, tent, over the pool or garden - nothing compares to the look of bright clear bulbs hanging overhead.  Our freestanding light poles are covered in either black or white fabric.


A basic Chuppah frame ready for customization.

Your event planner will prepare the canopy on this Chuppah frame for your ceremony.  The basic frame is ready for custom decoration  to match your wedding theme.

Chiavari Chairs

Beautiful Chiavari chairs give every table and elegant look.

These chairs are in rose gold color and add a touch of elegance and class to your event.  Each chair includes a cushion.

Freestanding Fire Pits

For intimate gathering spaces, making s'mores and a whole lot more!

Rent two or more to create a big circle for a fire side chat with friends or set up separate conversation areas.  Your guests will be drawn to the warmth and beauty of a fire pit.  Delivered with a full tank of propane that lasts 6 hours or more.  Did we mention these look great on the beach?

Outdoor Heating

Need heat or ambiance or both? These heaters are spectacular.

Lava heaters not only provide much needed heat on a cool day, but at night they also provide a beautiful ambient lighting  that will make your special event glow.

Wood Dance Floors

Indoors or outdoors from ballroom to beach, nothing compares.

Floors come in your choice of teak, oak and walnut.  They can be covered to color coordinate for your special event. Configured to just the right size, nothing compares to dancing on high quality wood floors.

Pipe & Drape and Up Lighting

LED lighting enhances and emphasizes with colorful decorative hues.

Impress your guests by transforming your venue with colorful  accent lighting with pipe and drape.  Choose from an array of hues, including monogram ("Gobo") lights. Put your name, company logo, school logo, or any custom image, video, or text projected on any wall.

Stages and Runways

Runways, Stages, Band Nests, Awards, Graduations, Sweetheart Tables

Our stages adjust to just the right height for your event and can be configured in numerous ways to suit your needs. You name it, we've probably created it.  Ask our team about that perfect stage for your event.  We also have ADA ramps with hand rail. 

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Round Serving Bar

Perfect for bar service or a food station.

A large white wire round service bar looks amazing with flowers wrapped into the wire for a more floral look. This bar also has storage built inside the bar to stock whatever you please for your wedding or event.

Silent Generators & Spider Boxes

No more noisy generators and spider boxes expand power capacity.

You found the perfect outdoor venue for your event, but there's not an electric outlet in sight. No power?  No problem.  A 14,000 watt Honda generator and Spider box will run your entire event, a portable kitchen, PA system, band, lights and cooling fans.

Evaporative Coolers

Cools down any event efficiently and quietly with cool air.

These white coolers will cover 2,000  square feet and match any decor. Fans are direct drive eliminating any belt noise and because of its size you get a large swath of air without any propeller noise.

Misting Fans

When it's summer in Florida - you gotta stay cool!

High pressure misting fans use a 1,000 pound pressure pump to atomize the water into a fine mist. The fans rotate a cooling mist on your guests with no water droplets.  These are the same fans the NFL uses to keep the players cool on the sidelines.